Global Exhibitions Day, 1st June 2022

Global Exhibitions Day reaches its seventh edition, scheduled to take place this year on Wednesday 1st June. Ever since it was first established by UFI, the event has represented an opportunity for dialogue and visibility for the global exhibition industry, amplifying values, new developments, solidarity and trust. Participation has increased year on year, so that in 2021 the event involved 110 countries and over 9,000 exhibitions, reaching 782 million contacts.

The Italian exhibition industry also distinguished itself for the quality of initiatives organised to mark GED. This enabled it to showcase all the positive features of the sector, making them tangible through the companies represented by the individual exhibitions and providing the opportunity to communicate through different channels simultaneously, thanks to the pervasiveness of social media.

A range of different stakeholders were involved, from Italian institutions that assist and support the development of exhibitions, to the international institutional and economic community.

And this year, once again, Aefi is actively involved in the Global Exhibitions Day, representing Italy with a series of physical and communication initiatives.


Rome, 1st June 2022, 10:30 pm (accreditation and welcome coffee from 10 am)
Roma Eventi Congress Centre – Trevi Fountain 
Loyola Auditorium
Piazza della Pilotta, 4

This is the full-day open event designed to have the greatest national and international exposure.

The Italian exhibition system is promoted through three separate moments:

  • the presentation of the findings of the study “The microeconomic, sectoral and macroeconomic impact of the Italian trade fair system”, produced specially by Prometeia for Aefi, which follows rigorous scientific methods to document the multiplier effect of exhibitions for companies, sectors and areas, and therefore for competitiveness and the national economy;
  • the presence of the government and institutions (ITA – Italian Trade Agency and Simest) representing its operational arm, to acknowledge the role of the sector, share the future and propose new activities and tools;
  • the testimonies of trade fair operators who, through the association, speak as advocates for the whole sector’s responsibility, commitment, experience and ambitions.

The target audience of participants is suitably broad, without being too general: national and regional institutions, diplomatic missions and foreign missions in Italy, operators of the exhibition/company system, economic/financial press, trade press.

Consult the relevant section for the programme.


Rome, 1st June 2022,  afternoon

A members only event which takes place in the Senate of the Republic, proposing a dialogue with the main institutional stakeholders, aimed at understanding the changes that have affected the sector in recent years, but outlining future directions too, also in consideration of policy perspectives.


The “emotional” part of the project will be entrusted to a video commercial specially produced for the occasion. 

The concept draws inspiration from a world full of details, objects and products all Made in Italy, thanks to Italian exhibitions. 

Italy has a truly worldwide presence thanks to its exhibitions, which are highlighted in terms of figures in the second part of the commercial, through the display of the key macro data to emerge from the Prometeia research. 

A short journey representing how thanks to the “magic” of processes generated by exhibitions, Italy is present all over the world, and the world is present in Italy

“Italy in the World. The World in Italy.” 


The video will be launched on 1st June, in conjunction with the morning event and on Aefi social media channels.

It will be linked to a social advertising campaign with segmentation, targeting and monitoring. 

The campaign delivered in 2020 recorded over 1.5 million views and several thousand active interactions.

The experience and data acquired during the successful, effective campaign run during the 2020 pandemic represent an excellent foundation for reaching an audience that is increasingly sensitive, of excellent quality and potentially loyal.

Meanwhile, traditional communication will be used to promote the values that emerge from the research study and, after the event, to share positive content from the whole day, supporting the sector starting up again.

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