About Us

AEFI – Associazione Esposizioni e Fiere Italiane (the Italian Exhibition and Trade Fair Association) represents the interests of the country’s trade fair industry: AEFI currently includes 50 members, with 42 exhibition districts, which hold over 1,000 events a year across an overall exhibition area of 4.2 million square metres, and 10 organisers only. On behalf of these associates, AEFI is taking action towards Parliament and the Government so that the Italian trade fair industry can better face international competition. Similar action is being taken at the Regional level, so that the transformation process currently underway may continue.

AEFI initiatives to increase the international character of Italy’s trade fairs: collaboration with the Ministero degli Esteri, (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) the Ministero delle Attività Produttive (Ministry of Productive Activities) and ICE (the Italian Institute for Foreign Trade); on-going availability for foreign exhibitors and visitors; rationalisation of initiative programs for the main foreign markets.

AEFI stimulates exchanges with similar associations at international level: representation of Italy’s trade fairs at the International Fairs Union (Union des Foires Internationales, UFI).

AEFI informs both exhibitors and visitors alike about the dates, venues and types of events to be held in Italy: Every year, the Association and the Ministero delle Attività Produttive (Ministry of Productive Activities) publish the official calendar for, and statistical data on Italian trade fairs that enjoy international recognition. These publications form a world-wide promotion tool.

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