Why is it advisable to certify trade fair events?

The current trade fair industry is both globalised and very competitive. Participants, both exhibitors and visitors, therefore need accurate comparable data in order to contrast, evaluate and then choose the trade fair events that are best suited to their respective companies. Certification attests that a product or service conforms to specific regulations that determine the necessary requisites.

Developed according to the regulations of national and international trade fair industries, the validation system of the Istituto di Certificazione Dati Statistici Fieristici, (Institute for the Certification of Trade Fair Statistical Data) uses rigorous methodologies that allow organisers to present and recognise standardised data. The ISF brands thus becomes a synonym of transparency and guarantee.

The data subjected to ISF certification include,

Regarding exhibitors:

  • total number, broken down into direct and indirect exhibitors, Italian and foreign
  • type (producers/manufacturers, distributors, Italian branch offices of multinational companies, associations, other)
  • origin by region (for Italian exhibitors) and country (foreign exhibitors)

Regarding visitors:

  • total number, broken down into operators and general public, both Italian and foreign
  • origin by region (for Italian operators and visitors) and country (foreign operators and visitors)

Regarding showroom areas:

  • total net showroom area, understood as the area effectively rented and paid for, with distinctions made between covered and uncovered surfaces and their assignment to Italian or foreign operators;
  • the origin of the direct exhibitors that occupy them.

These data are also relevant with respect to the certification of sideshows and convention activities.

  • the amount
  • their origin
  • typology


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