AEFI activities for the worldwide event dedicated to the trade fair sector

THINK GLOBAL, ACT LOCAL” is the theme that distinguishes the second UFI Global Exhibitions Day this year, which has already seen the participation of 38 international associations.

A theme well suited to the methods and outlook for development of the Italian Trade Fair system: 
200 international trade fairs in the calendar for 2017
37 exhibition districts hosting them
258 national exhibitions
nearly 400 other regional or local exhibitions.

A dense fabric of events that attracts millions of people (estimates say 22 million visitors, of which 13 million for international exhibitions alone and 10% of these from abroad, plus 200,000 exhibitors), stimulates interest in products, services, passions and, above all, drives economies, be it for the sector or for the area. An estimated 50% of Italian exports results from contacts made at trade fairs.

From the very first edition, the AEFI has welcomed the opportunity to take an active part in Global Exhibitions Day, to highlight the value of the entire Italian sector with the following aims:

  • to make the great potential of our exhibitions known abroad in order to attract both foreign exhibitors and visitors;
  • to use the visibility to raise awareness within the world of national Institutions of the role of trade fairs as instrument in the country¬ís industrial policy.

Whereas the first edition favoured the more immediate and natural approach by sector, the proposal for 2017 is to combine think global, act local with those positive values intentionally attributed to us, that is, our local specialities, specific qualities, forms of EXCELLENCE.

The Trade Fair System is at once the result since many fairs were arranged specifically because of the need to exhibit value in the form of innovation or quality of this excellence and its author since many particular products have assumed the identity of a sector thanks to trade fairs.

This is demonstrated by the fact that 28 Italian exhibitions occupy the first five places in terms of exhibitor or visitor numbers among international European exhibitions (source: Euro Fair Statistics 2015), boasting this presence in no fewer than 17 of the 27 sectors included in the classification.

And it is demonstrated by the contribution that trade fairs make to the development of the territory.

The general theme of GED 2017

for us becomes  

The excellence refers to five areas, themselves evocative of the positive values attributed to our country:






Italian Trade Fairs open their excellence in one of the identified areas: the map of the districts thus becomes a narrative thread of excellence, either for history, territory, people, product or future, describing a network of business opportunities representing not only a calendar of events, but of values that amplify and stress the appeal of the trade fair event.

The events of 7 June will be inspired, in their structure, by five reference areas of excellence, involving national and international presentations.



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