The project

A communication project conceived for Global Exhibitions Day and developed in two videos, with which AEFI intends to embrace the Italian talent and work that the trade fairs convey around the world.
The first video, which has exceeded a million views on AEFI’s social channels in under a month, sees a silent Italy in the middle of the lockdown, raising up to the skies of the world’s major cities the song of its know-how, with the solemn promise to begin again, to make ourselves heard overseas through the Italian Exhibitions, a giant megaphone of Italian talent and work throughout the world.

The second video, distributed on Wednesday 3 June for Global Exhibitions Day 2020, gathers together all the values expressed in the first part, remembering how much Italy has been a huge generator of trade, paving the way to China and the Americas, of essential inventions such as Meucci’s telephone or Barsanti and Matteucci’s internal combustion engine and great products and styling that is famous the world over.
From what might seem a distant past, remote, even, a strong “WE ARE, WE MAKE” is rising up from a country whose trade fairs are a sector of fundamental importance as is borne out by the “numbers” that the sector annually generates and moves.