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Global Exhibition day

La Giornata Mondiale delle Fiere – nata su proposta di UFI-The Global Association for the Exhibition Industry – è l’appuntamento annuale internazionale del settore fieristico, l’occasione per mettere in luce il suo impatto positivo sull’occupazione, le attività economiche, l’innovazione e gli investimenti locali. Quest’anno sarà il 6 giugno, rispettando quella che intende essere una consuetudine legata al primo mercoledì del mese di giugno di ogni anno.

Global Exhibitions Day which came into existence following a proposal from UFI, The Global Association for the Exhibition Industry – is the annual international trade fair sector event, an occasion to highlight its positive impact on employment, businesses, innovations and local investment. This year it will be on 6 June, in observance of an intended custom linked to the first Wednesday of June each year.

After having concentrated in 2016 on the value of trade fairs as a bridge between cultures and peoples, with “Meet Italian Excellence: Trade Fairs as a bridge to development”, last year on the theme “Think Global, Act Local” with an extensive programme of events in Rome, supported by many initiatives at individual trade fairs, this year AEFI will focus on the value of the Italian trade fair system as a hub for generating economic value for the country.

The theme and slogan of the event identified by UFI for 2018 is “The power of exhibitions“, focusing on two fronts: ADVOCACY and TALENT.

Taking this direction as a starting point and precisely to celebrate and promote the Italian trade fair sector, AEFI has developed the project summed up in the title “THE POWER OF ITALIAN EXHIBITIONS“.

The concept is developed according to the following themes:

  • Italian trade fairs as launching hubs for creativity and talent
  • trade fairs as the place to meet Italian creativity, recognised and famous worldwide
  • trade fairs as new sense of belonging and pride for new talents
  • the trade fair sector as the gateway to capitalising on new professions

The keywords for the project are: 


#GED18 è quindi un’opportunità per mostrare al mondo le eccellenze italiane, ma soprattutto per mostrare come fare sistema sia la chiave per emergere. Le fiere italiane: una sinergia fatta di competenze, valori e incontri. Le fiere italiane un vero moltiplicatore di opportunità.

#GED18 is an opportunity to demonstrate Italian excellence to the world, but above all to show how coordinating the system is key to standing out. Italian trade fairs: synergy between skills, values and contacts. Italian trade fairs as a real multiplier of opportunities.

A significant part of the concept for the event revolves around PEOPLE, who themselves represent talents, or develop them and present them at trade fairs, and at trade fairs they meet, get up to date and engage in discussion, create business relationships, or they even work at trade fairs, helping to create and manage exhibitions: a way to put people at the centre, people who take centre stage in the visuals for the initiative.

The programme includes the production of videos, publishing of content on social media and the big event in Rome, on 6 June, at the hall of the Temple of Hadrian, Chamber of Commerce.


More than ten specially created videos to be distributed through social media channels throughout the lead-up to 6 June offer a dynamic, contemporary presentation of the themes addressed.

Exhibitions of talent
Video adverts that each tell a story of creativity and Italian talent linked to a specific sector of Italian industry and in relation to the trade fair system.

Talents in exhibition
Video accounts, from institutional and trade fair contexts, dedicated to illustrating how Italian creativity is relevant in the various sectors and how Trade Fairs are the most powerful vehicle for its communication and proliferation.


All the content is distributed mainly through the LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube social media channels, whereas the AEFI Facebook page is opened for the occasion, precisely to make communication towards a wider range of people more effective, in combination with a significant investment in social media advertising.

The frequency is 3/4 posts per week starting in April/May.


The event on 6 June, at the Hall of the Temple of Hadrian, Chamber of Commerce in Rome, will represent the official occasion for celebrating Global Exhibitions Day and will be a summary of the path of communications taken up to that moment. As well as the contributions from institutions and international speakers, great space will be dedicated to the presentation of: 

  • case histories centring on a story of creativity, entrepreneurship, talent outside the box linked or attributable to attendance at trade fairs or to the trade fair system
  • projects in progress or being launched based on at least one of the keywords
  • activities already carried out in partnership with schools or universities
  • new professional figures or internal resources for new training intended for innovative activities

The official AEFI hashtag for Global Exhibitions Day is #AEFIGED2018, in combination with #GED18.

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