Sector Represented

Italy’s trade fair sector constantly strives to improve competitiveness and increase efficiency in order to provide major support for the companies and enterprises that are operating more and more in the global market.

To this end, Italian exhibition authorities are developing the potential of their venues and structures, strengthening alliances and studying new concepts aimed at domestic and foreign consumers and operators. As a result, trade fairs could well become our country’s best possible “shop front”, both for Italy and abroad.

AEFI is among the institutional protagonists of the current renewal process, representing the 2 “souls” of Italy’s trade fair industry at both the national and international level:

Every year, 200,000 Italian companies participate at these trade fairs, involving over 20,000,000 operatorsfrom all over Italy and around the world.

These figures allow the trade fair sector to hold an increasingly significant role in the economic development of our country:

  • business deals for 60 billion Euros are sealed every year during these trade fairs
  • 50% of exports are generated from contacts made during the events
  • 75.3% of companies recognise trade fairs as an essential tool for development, direct contact with the market, and communication of their business competencies. At the same time, they are an opportunity to actively seek potential buyers.

The business volume currently centred on Italy’s trade fair industry places our country in a competitive worldwide position, just behind Germany.