AEFI Calendar Guide

A search engine with a system of filters is available to help you search for one or more trade fairs of the Italian Trade Fair System.

You can search for trade fairs by combining several characteristics. The most common are:

  • Name: The more accurate the name you type, the more accurate the results you will find (e.g.: if you search for “Weddings”, you will get “n” different results, not all of which may be pertinent to your search; if you search for “Tuttosposi” you will get one hit).

  • Exhibition centre: You can narrow the search field down to one exhibition centre or district.
  • Type: You can only search for international, national, regional, local or foreign events.
  • City: Your search will focus on the city where the exhibition centre is located.
  • Year: You can search for trade fairs for the current year, past years and next year (if the latter have already been added).
  • Month: The month in which the event takes place. The system has set by default the month following the current month but you can change this setting as you wish or decide not to set it, to search the entire year.

Of course, you can combine these filters, narrowing down the search field more and more.


  • Set the search month correctly! This is the only field set by default and you must change it (or not set it) if you do not want the search to be automatically restricted to the following month.
  • Reset or check the setting of ALL filters for later searches.

If, after using the search engine according to the instructions given, you do not find the event you are interested in, or if you find information differing from what you already know (qualifications, dates, etc.), please report this to AEFI by sending an e-mail to

We would like to remind organisers that the individual Regions and Autonomous Provinces of Trento and Bolzano are responsible for awarding national and international status to a trade fair.

The trade fairs listed on this site refer to these calendars, which are updated periodically according to the sites of the districts where the events are held.

Requests for the inclusion of new international events not already recognised as such can only be accepted if documented by correspondence with the respective regions.