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FIERA BOLZANO S.P.A. - MESSE BOZEN AG Piazza Fiera 1 - MessePlatz 1, 39100 Bolzano Bolzano
Phone 0471516000
Fax: 0471516111
Email: info@fierabolzano.it
Sito web: http://www.fierabolzano.it/
Indoor square meters 25000
Outdoor square meters 4000
Plenary seats
Refreshment areas
Parking spaces


The new fair complex was designed in 1998 on a project by architects Claudio Lucchin and Roberto D’Ambrogio, following an international competition called in 1991 by Ente Autonomo Fiera di Bolzano. Chosen by the European Community as a pilot project for a model yard organized on the EC’s new regulations, the Fair was built in compliance with all architectural safety and health standards. The fair district spreads over 5 hectares in the business area of south Bolzano, and is easily reachable from the national road, the motorway and railway station. Designed on rational guidelines, the Fair has 35,000 m2 used for exhibitionpurposes and spread over a single level, of which roughly 25,000 roofed and over 10,000 unroofed, and is organized around two units: the exhibition pavilion and the Service Centre. The 25,000 m2 exhibition pavilion, split up into two sections, is divided by a steel and lamellar wood gallery crossing the entire building lengthwise. A roofed parking area can accommodate up to 800 cars. The Service Centre occupies about 13,500 m2, with four floors offering the main services (congress centre, showroom, cash desks and bank counters). Topping the facility’s offering is the Palaonda (5,000 m2), named after the particular shape of its roofing. Built in 1991, again after a competition, this multifunctional complex was used as the first pavilion of the Fair. Designed on a project by architects Claudio Lucchin and Roberto D’Ambrogio, together with colleagues Bassetti, Anesi, Franchini and engineer Lee, the complex was completed in 1994. The Fair conforms to the standards of flexibility, ergonomics and effective provision of services proper of the facility. The use of mobile partition walls allows spaces to be adapted to any exhibition requirement, making it possible to manage more than one event at the same time. Special attention has been attached to optimizing the environmental features (acoustics, lighting, microclimate) in order to offer all users maximum availability, and to working out signs that can allow them to move in and outside the complex. The control of traffic inside the grounds and the possibility for vehicles to enter the exhibition area allow stands to be properly fitted. Each area, sector and service has been assigned a colour, shape and graphics of its own, according to users (exhibitors, fitters, public). The facility is equipped to meet the broadest range of exhibition, fair and congress needs, and can count on the added value of the tourist attractions of Trentino-Alto Adige. Moreover, to guarantee proper accommodation standards, the Sheraton hotel has been recently attached to the Service Centre.

Places to go

Places to go

“A mountain disguised as a city”, where the fresh, balmy air wafts from the green slopes with the rose Dolomite peaks. Bolzano, the border city, so fascinating for its diversity, once the crossroads of merchants and patrons, today a city of art, entertainment, culture and holidays too, thanks also to the explosion of its new infrastructures.

Piazza Walther, at the heart of the city, built at the start of the XIX century, is the entryway to the old town centre, with its Duomo, a fine blend of Gothic and Romanesque styles.

The Alto Adige Archaeological Museum Besides hosting the famous Mummy of Otzi the “Iceman”, the Museum chronicles ages far gone, from prehistory to the Carolingian period, reproducing primitive times in the lands of the Alpine Arc.

Via dei Portici Original core of the old town, with its rows of houses under the arcades, used as dwellings, workshop  and warehouse, and today the street of stores and shopping.



San Genesio Younger sister of Bolzano, located 800 m further up, immersed in meadows and protected by woodland, is the idyllic place to spend holidays in, with its mild climate, connected to Bolzano either by cableway (10 minutes) or panoramic road (10 km).

The Renon plateau (20 km from Bolzano) is crossed by a small train travelling from Collalbo to Maria Assunta, across woods and meadows, passing by Baroque buildings, Romanesque-Gothic churches, old “masi” and “stube” you can’t miss.




Four Points Sheraton****
VIA BUOZZI 35, TEL. 04711950012
Near the Fair, a brand new, ultra-modern design: seven floors of glass-brick elements and innovative drywall interiors. The rooms and suites boast an elegant design and are all soundproof, with large windows reaching the ceiling. The bar gives out a surprisingly modern aura, while the “Valier” restaurant offers the tastes of Mediterranean cuisine. Fitness area available.

VIA PIAVE 15, TEL. 0471975642
A wonderful garden, equipped for the summer service offered by the Van Gogh restaurant, and a traditional Stube complement the offer of this 14th century residence, with spacey rooms full of charm and finely detailed.

Post Gries***
CORSO LIBERTÀ 17, TEL. 0471279000
Right near town centre, this friendly family-run hotel has all it takes for a comfortable stay. Ample common spaces, welcoming rooms and good local and international cuisine await you at the restaurant.


Cavallino bianco Weisses Rössl
VIA DEI BOTTAI 6, TEL. 0471973267
Historical hangout, famous for the excellent choice of its typical cuisine: canederli with speck in broth, piatto del contadino, trout in white wine and, to finish off, the delicious apple strudel.

VIA MERANO 113, TEL. 0471932202
It offers all the treats of Alto Adige cuisine: a variety of smoked fish, canederli, spinach gnocchetti, mixed dish of the house with five varieties of meat, semifreddo with warm cranberries.

VIA GOETHE 3, TEL. 0471973938
0458030537, WWW.VOEGELE.IT
Surroundings steeped in tradition, entirely in wood, or neatly furnished rooms: run for centuries, with the cuisine clinging to the past: homemade speck, tris di canederli, ricotta gnocchi, braised beef cheeks; great variety of cheese.



To relish the night-time charm of piazza Walther, closed to traffic, try stopping at the table of a relaxing café, or tasting a glass of one of the local DOC wines you can find in the joints of the old town centre.

TEL. 0471307088
The hangout of the Italian Bolzano “community”, with homemade beer.

VIA LAURIN 4, TEL. 0471311000
The Laurin restaurant has a great bar you can’t miss, offering night-time entertainment and jazz on Fridays.



Delicatessen Seibstock
VIA DEI PORTICI 50, TEL. 0471324072
Store traditionally located under the arcades, with a wide variety of salumi made by small Alto Adige artisans, complemented by other regional delicacies like juniper, grappa and Lagrein wine-flavoured cheese.

Kaufmann Snc
TEL. 0471354595
Production and sale of boiled wool fabric: typically Austrian and Alto Adige workmanship, made by hot washing the yarns so that wool felts. Items on sale include jackets, waistcoats, pullovers and sweaters.



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