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Dorsoduro 1648 - 30123 Venezia (VE) , Venezia (VE), Veneto - Italia Phone: 041 5334850 Fax: 041 53347

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Expo Venice spa was born with the aim of promoting Venice’s historic vocation as a place for cultural and commercial interchange, an international showcase of products and services. For this scope, it has activated a palimpsest of fair and exposition events which utilize and evaluate different locations of the city. On the 2009 calendar there are ten events which will be developed in the next three years.

Expo Venice proposes itself not as a “space manager”, but as an organizer of fair events, making Venice a “polycentric” exposition area: the Maritime Station, Giudecca, the Arsenal, Lido, Parco di San Giuliano, Vega Parco Scientifico-tecnologico, etc.

Expo Venice’s activities intend to develop a market of international worth on Venice’s own stage, contributing to the economic development of the city. For this scope, it creates new synergies with businesses and institutions, coordinating its own activities with entities and public institutions, private associations and firms, and not only in local territory.

Expo Venice has been recognized by the associates of Aefi: Association of Italian Expositions and Fairs, the organization which represents the Italian fair system.

Expo Venice is presided by Piergiacomo Ferrari, former Managing Director of Milan Fair. The societies collaborating  with Consormare spa include VEGA Parco Scientifico-Tecnologico , in which take part the ENI group, the Municipality of Venice, the Province of Venice, the Region of Veneto, SCP, a consortium the scope of which is to support the management of Venice’s great events, Oltrex, a society which has accompanied the growth of Venice’s Boat Show, APV Investimenti, the operational arm of the Port Authority, and Confindustria Venezia.

Basilica di San Marco
Saint Mark's Basilica is a monument made unique by both its wealth of history and the magnificence of its façade and interior. In essence, it is a splendid workshop, where, through the centuries, worked great Italian and European artists.

Piazza San Marco
A remark often attributed to Napoleon calls the Piazza San Marco "The drawing room of Europe". The Piazza is dominated by the Basilica, the Doge's Palace and the Basilica's campanile, which stands apart from it.

Palazzo Ducale
Doge's Palace is a gothic palace constructed from 1309 to 1424, designed perhaps by Filippo Calendario. It replaced earlier fortified buildings of which relatively little is known.

Ponte dei Sospiri
The view from the Bridge of Sighs was the last view of Venice that convicts saw before their imprisonment. The bridge name, given by Lord Byron in the 19th century, comes from the suggestion that prisoners would sigh at their final view of beautiful Venice out the window before being taken down to their cells.

Canal Grande
The Grand Canal banks are lined with more than 170 beautiful buildings, most of which date to 13th/18th century and demonstrate the welfare and art created by the Republic of Venice.

Taking part to the events of Expo Venice as a visitor or as an exhibitor can be the occasion to  discover Venice and its treasures, but also its little known neighbourhood.

For exemple:

RIVIERA DEL BRENTA, characterized by a lot of villas, built between XVI and XVIII century from the Venetian patrician families, that testify the power of the aristocracy of the period.

Murano, famous all over the world for the craftsmanship of the glass.
Burano, famous for its characteristic colored houses, for the production of laces and for the gastronomic traditions.
Torcello, the most ancient human installation in the Lagoon. A particularly fascinating place for its inestimable archaeological patrimony.
Lido di Venezia, the ancient "Gold Island", appreciated by poets and writers who chose it as destination or residence (Lord Byron and Thomas Mann are remembered). It is the island where the Mostra del Cinema di Venezia and Venice Air Show take place.

The best special room rates are published on each event’s website and on:



Osteria al Mascaron
Calle Lunga Santa Maria Formosa 5225, Castello.
tel. 041 5225995, fax 041 5230744
Opening time: 12-15 e 19-23. Closed on Sunday.

Osteria alle Testiere
Calle del Mondo Novo 5801, Castello, vicino a Campo Santa Maria Formosa.
tel. e fax +39 041 5227220
Opening time: 12,30-14,30 e 19,00-22,30. Closed on Sunday and Monday.

Osteria da Alberto
Calle Giacinto Gallina 5401, Cannaregio, oltre Campo San Giovanni e Paolo verso la Chiesa dei Miracoli.
tel. +39 041 5238153
Opening time: 10,30-15,00 e 18,00-23,00. Closed on Sunday.

Vetreria Bisanzio
Calle Paradiso, 22 - Fondamenta Navagero
30141 - Murano Venezia (Italy)

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