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Via N.Tommaseo 59, 35131 Padova, Padova (PD), Veneto - Italia Phone: 049/840111 Fax: 049/840570

Touring Club Italiano

From 1921 up to today, Padova Fiere has always been headquartered in via Tommaseo, at the heart of Padua, 400 m away from the railway station. From the post-war period, the centre has been often renovated and reorganized. Recent works have doubled the exhibition space, with new technologies added to the whole property, and have designed large outside and underground parking facilities. Padova Fiere spreads over 155,000 m2, 70,000 of which roofed, and is managed as an urban complex designed to optimize spaces, splitting them up on rational guidelines. The spaces are divided into three integrated and highly flexible areas: the reception area; the multi-functional pavilions and the meeting areas. The new eastern pavilions host 7 congress halls and press rooms (in particular, the ultra-modern Press Club located on pavilion n. 7) and are joined by the historical pavilions, with technological updates added there too. Great importance is attached to the meeting spaces which, besides exhibition activities, also host 600 congresses each year, with over 40,000 visitors and 1,000 speakers. The 11 pavilions are organized around a modern logistical module capable of satisfying the widest range of requirements, even those way ahead of the times. The offering is purposely integrated to increase the business and meeting opportunities and to satisfy all sorts of users.

A dynamic city imbued with artistic genius of international fame: Giotto, Donatello and Mantegna elevate it as one of the capitals of art. For its urban fabric and as European centre of culture for the historical prominence of its University, Padua is considered the sister city of Bologna.

Piazza delle Erbe Heart of the city, home every morning to a lively market and to the magnificent loggia of the Palazzo della Ragione (1218), original seat of the municipal judicial bodies.

Duomo Baptistery Right of the cathedral, a small wonder built in the XII century, featuring a cycle of 100 frescoes by Giotto scholar Giusto de’ Menabuoi.

Scrovegni Chapel Padua’s main monument, renovation completed in 2002. The chapel was built in 1303-1305 by Enrico Scrovegni and was entirely frescoed by Giotto, with a cycle of 38 episodes.

Basilica di Sant’Antonio Erected in the XIII century to host the remains of the saint, the church is a revival of Byzantine art, with the cross layout of its eight domes, and hosts works by Giotto and Donatello.

Canale del Brenta The Brenta Riviera, a popular tourist destination, with its liquid atmosphere, amidst villas and gardens, offers a highly pleasant and relaxing itinerary by boat or by car starting from Stra (16 km from Padua) up to Fusina. Along the way, admire Villa Pisani, the most famous of the residences.


TEL. 0498761111
Elegant Liberty-style building, central position; refined common halls decorated with stuccoes and gilding, sound-proof rooms and suites, customized air-conditioning and modern furnishing.

Al Cason***
A few minutes’ walk from the railway station and the old town centre, conveniently positioned also for the Fair, just over 1 km away. Restaurant open also to non-resident guests, age-old, renowned tradition with large selection of regional dishes.

LARGO EUROPA 9, TEL. 049661200
Situated in the old town centre near the tourist and business areas, cosy rooms and breakfast buffet. The Zaramella restaurant offers regional specialities.


Da Giovanni
VIA MARONCELLI 22, TEL. 049772620
Amidst the streets of the old town centre, a simple eatery giving out a warm and friendly atmosphere. A must for those seeking typical, genuine Veneto cooking.

Bastioni del Moro
VIA P. BRONZETTI 18, TEL. 0498710006
Elegant settings, classic design, three dining areas, plus garden with summer service. Regional cuisine with season food and fresh fish, select wine list. Also included a fixed price menu for business luncheons.

VIA SQUARCIONE 4/6, TEL. 0498774192
Family-run wine bar with small kitchen, dishes steeped in tradition. The elegant settings and modern furnishing lend themselves well to the organization of exhibitions on paintings, gold, and books in particular. Reading corner with cosy sofas.

A short stroll down the pedestrian area from piazza Garibaldi takes you to piazza Cavour, overlooked by the historical Caffè Pedrocchi, the so-called “coffeehouse without doors”, since the end of the 18th century, cultural meeting place of literati and intellectuals.

Caffè Pedrocchi
VIA VIII FEBBRAIO 15, TEL. 0498781231
Happy hour to the sound of lounge and chill out music, jazz concerts and meetings with writers and artists liven up the evening atmosphere of the Caffè. Theme events also organized, like on the Belle Époque, and plenty of food tasting.

Osteria l’Anfora
VIA DEI SONCIN 13, TEL. 049656629
Set in the old ghetto of Padua, a packed hangout where youngsters meet and drink in the evenings. Dining included.

Fratelli Fanchin Specialità Alimentari
VIA DEL SANTO 95, TEL. 0498750532
Store packed with plenty of Veneto delicacies: artisan salumi, Montagnana ham, genuine local salami, soppressata. Specialities also include Vezzena, Monte Veronese and Asiago cheese.

TEL. 0499387226
Men and women’s classic clothing and sportswear by the Finpart Group: Henry Cotton, Cerruti, Marina Yachting, Moncler. On sale accessories including belts and bags, classic women’s footwear by Henry Cotton.

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