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Italian exhibitions support research AEFI together with FONDAZIONE TELETHON


From the December marathon, Associazione Esposizioni e Fiere Italiane (AEFI) and its associates will be supporting and promoting Fondazione Telethon

Starting in December, AEFI - the Italian exhibitions association which, with its 35 affiliated exhibition centres, draws over 22 million visitors a year - will be expanding its activities in the areas of social and voluntary work by supporting, both directly and through its associates, Fondazione Telethon's #presente campaign.
For many years, Fondazione Telethon has been financing research into rare genetic illnesses, of which the causes and mechanisms are still unknown due to a lack of funding. Fondazione Telethon's support over the years has enabled researchers to make inroads into this difficult area, resulting in the development of effective therapies and drugs.
AEFI aims to make this area a focus of collaboration for its associates, enabling them to participate in this important social initiative: the agreement provides the opportunity for exhibitions to support research and promote awareness and solidarity nationwide.
AEFI will actively promote collaboration and provide the opportunity for representatives of Telethon to participate at agreed exhibitions to illustrate Fondazione Telethon's scientific research activities and offer visitors the chance to become supporters and donors. The Association will also promote the campaign on its social channels (Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter).
The agreement will primarily involve AEFI associates who organise or host exhibitions at the same time as the TV marathon in partnership with RAI, the very popular event held in December every year, with its vast audience and enormous funding potential.
The first event to host Fondazione Telethon will be “Novembre in Arte” (23 November - 2 December), followed by “Arti e Mestieri” (23-25 November); “Roma d’Arte” (23-25 November) and “Mercato Mediterraneo” (23-26 November), all organised by Fiera Roma. It will then be the turn of Ferrara Fiere with “Auto e moto del passato” (8 December); “Fishing Show” (15-16 December); “Winter Wonderland” (25 December - 6 January 2019; 12-13 January 2019; 19-20 January 2019), and Lariofiere with “Elettronica” (24 -25 November) and “Non solo panettone” (1-2 December).
For 2019, AEFI's collaboration with Fondazione Telethon will be even more wide ranging, and the hope is that it will also extend to special projects.
AEFI - Associazione Esposizioni e Fiere Italiane, a private non-profit Association, was established in 1983 with the goal of generating synergies between the most important Italian exhibition districts. AEFI would like to be seen as a privileged partner for operators and institutions alike, and its role is to support members through the development of activities and programmes in the sphere of training, marketing, promotion and research, as well as to provide services for trade fairs through the activities of its Committees: Exhibition Hub Technical Committee, Legal-Administrative Committee, Internationalisation Committee and Trade Fairs Network Committee.
On the internationalization front, AEFI supports members thanks to agreements with strategic markets. AEFI includes 35 member exhibition districts, which organise over 1,000 events a year over an overall exhibition area of 4.2 million square metres. Nearly all
international and national trade fairs which take place each year in Italy are held in AEFI-member exhibition districts.
Since 1990, Fondazione Telethon has been collecting donations for investment in research offering hope and treatment to persons affected by genetic illnesses, often so rare as to be neglected by large public and private investors.
It finances the best researchers and institutions, guided by its commitment to merit and excellence, achieving major results in the treatment of genetic illnesses.
These include advanced gene therapy, which is saving so many children affected by serious rare genetic illnesses, and which will soon be extended to other pathologies.

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