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Via Caprera 5, Brescia (BS), Lombardia - Italia Phone: 030-3725259-367

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The new exhibition centre was inaugurated in September 2002, thanks to the joint work of engineer Franco Garbari and architect Marek Nester Piotrowski, artistic director of Brixia Expo. The architectural project chosen to reorganize and extend the Brixia Expo space, still underway, follows innovative guidelines. The result is a strong contemporary design combining aesthetics and functionality, now a benchmark on the international fair scene. Ergonomics and modularity are the distinguishing features of the project as a whole. Starting from the single-level design of the main pavilion up to the offices and service area, designed to best serve the needs of the various users: fitters, visitors and staff. The Fair’s roofing is made in steel and lamellar wood, an original combination of materials that evokes the profile of a transatlantic liner. In tune with the Fair’s philosophy to open up more to the outside world, the layout of the spaces of the two pavilions shrinks from any architectural barrier that constrains and reduces the environments. No pillar or plant obstructs the events area, which can stand any change and adjust to meet every exhibition requirement. The spaces appear to be clear. All is neatly concealed under the floor or camouflaged in the side walls. Every detail has been worked out, even the outflow of air from the conditioning plant, an upward flow, unlike usual systems. Equally keen attention is attached to any innovation that can help improve the quality of services: from goods handling, carried out on the same floor, which makes direct access to the pavilions easier also for heavy vehicles, to the equipment for technological plants spread on the floor, up to the design of the pavilions, singlelevel, zero-level parallelepipeds. The building of the new plot inside the fair district will double the current exhibition space: with about 30,000 m2, the Fair will be able to stand up to both its national and international rivals. Capping the exhibition centre’s offer is an equipped congress hall for high-end conferences and business conventions.

Brescia is the second major economic centre in Lombardy, situated between Milan and Venice, rich in iron mines. At first a Latin dependency, then a Lombard dukedom, independent commune, and Visconti seignory, following the Unification of Italy, Fascism ultimately modelled the typical urban layout of Brescia, with its need to display magnificence and monumental scale.

Piazza della Loggia The Renaissance square with its Palladian imprint, hosts the main building of the Loggia, Palazzo Notarile, Casa Vender and the Clock Tower. Piazza della Loggia, Piazza della Vittoria and Piazza del Duomo are the heart of the city and bear witness to its history.

Rotonda The Duomo Vecchio is the main Romanesque building in Brescia. Built on a circular plan, its majestic, though plain interiors are surmounted by an imposing dome.

Piazza del Foro The civil and religious centre of Roman Brescia is the most important archaeological site in Lombardy. Diggings have unearthed only part of the original and much more extensive layout: the Capitolium and the Theatre, lying north, and the Basilica, south.

A journey into the lands of Franciacorta still conveys that special charm. Starting from Rodengo Saiano and taking a short detour southwards, stop and admire the splendid, secluded San Nicola abbey. Then take the road up to Iseo (40 km), residential and tourist location facing the homonymous lake.


Ambasciatori ****
TEL. 030399114
Set in one of the finest spots in Brescia, close to the Colle Cidneo, and immersed in quiet settings to satisfy the needs of business guests. Rooms furnished with sober elegance.

Jolly Hotel Igea ****
TEL. 03044221
Opposite the railway station, fully renovated hotel, modern design, well-placed and functional. Elegantly-designed restaurant.

UNA Hotel Brescia ****
VIALE EUROPA 45, TEL. 0302818011
Well-placed, near the university, tucked in a peaceful residential area, a few minutes from town centre, easily reachable from the road exits of central and west Brescia. Comfortable, with top services like Internet and wi-fi.


Il Labirinto
VIA CORSICA 224, TEL. 0303541607
Near the railway station, an atmosphere that captures and innovative cuisine: casonsei in melted butter with herbs and goat ricotta, duck breast with honey and apples. Good wine cellar and a long list of distillates and typical cheese.

La Sosta
TEL. 030295603, WWW.LASOSTA.IT
Built out of the stables of Palazzo Martinengo Colleoni, with large fireplace introducing to the warm, welcoming room. Cuisine steeped in land and sea tradition, with wine tasting menu.

Antica Trattoria Ca’ Nöa
VIA BRANZE 61, TEL. 030381528
Rustic surroundings and cuisine steeped in tradition, summer service offered in cool garden settings. Specialities include casonsei, spit-roasted kid, typical cheese and salumi.

La Trattoria da Ciospo
VIA SAN ZENO 22, TEL. 030221049
A charming, informal hangout, the best place to experience simple, though tasty dishes: pumpkin or Bagoss casonsei, bucatini all’amatriciana, Brescia rabbit and homemade mascarpone cake.

The old town centre of Brescia invites you to take a stroll not just out of culture. The place teems with restaurants, bars and cafès, besides the local markets and fairs held there.

La Vineria
A cute atmosphere awaits you in this wine house-restaurant, with its hugelist of labels, the ideal haunt to wash down tasty canapés or a delicious dish of casoncei. Summer dining.

Spazio Arnaldo
TEL. 03044239
Located in an elegant part of town, extremely elaborate, minimalist furnishing, a great meeting spot to sip good cocktails for appetizers or after–dinner drinks, to the sound of lounge, house or live music.

Gastronomia Creminati
VIA DELLA VALLE 10, TEL. 030301306
Vast assortment of Lombard and national cheese, oil and wine.

Jeans & Work Factory Outlet
VIA TRUMPLINA 229, TEL. 0302010912
Men and women’s casual-sportswear. Levi’s and Dockers. First and secondrate clothes. 40% to 60% knocked off.

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